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Medjugorje Miracle Story - Colm Cahill

A Medjugorje Miracle Story  --  by Kay Mule
After the February 2009 Peace Mass at St. Rita Church in Harahan, Louisiana, Colm Cahill, an 18-year-old from Jersey, England, gave remarkable testimony of his healing which can only be described as a gift from Our Lady.
It all began in 1998. While driving home with his dad in Jersey, they had quite a serious car crash. After it was over, he developed seizures. The first one was a week to the day after the crash. At first it was thought to be from the shock, but over the years they developed and got worse daily. By the time he was nine, it was to the point where he was barely conscious most of the time from the seizures and medication. He began to lose hope about what he could do with his life. At age 13 the doctors ran tests to make sure things were in order. They realized that the electrical activity from the seizures was damaging. The doctor told his family that his life would probably be over in a year.

He began to question God. What kind of God would allow this to happen? "Why me?" he asked. "Why did this happen? I had lost my hope in Jesus. I had lost all hope."

Then in May of 2004, the parish priest, Fr. Pere Glas who was a friend of the family came to his house. Colm was between seizures at the time. The priest asked him to chat with him in the garden. Colm managed to get up to go and have a conversation with him. "I wasn't sure what he wanted to talk to me about," Colm said. While he had a high regard for the priest as a family friend, he was not very interested in listening to him as a priest.
The priest told him about a place called Medjugorje. Since he had missed so much school, he did not know where Bosnia was. He told Colm that Medjugorje was a little village in Bosnia-Hercegovina where the Mother of God was appearing daily. "He told me about the apparitions and I learned that he wanted to go there and to pray for my complete healing," Colm said.

The priest told him, "I want you to pray when I tell you to pray and give this a last shot."
In his hopelessness, he found a sudden feeling of optimism. He wasn't really sure about this; however, he listened and said, "OK, I'll do it."

The priest, Fr. Pere Glas left on May 17, 2004, for one week. On the 21st of May, the priest sent Colm a text message that he would be praying with Ivan at an apparition on Apparition Hill that day at 10 o'clock Medjugorje time which was 4 o'clock Jersey time. "Now go to the back garden, find somewhere quiet and pray," the message said.
"I knew I had to do this. I trusted in what he said. When I got there to pray, I was still a little confused. I did not know how to do this. I had a small crucifix to put on the bench and lit some candles in front of it.
I took out a rosary and a book on how to pray the rosary and began to read it," Colm said.As it approached 4 o'clock, it was windy and there was a lot of distracting traffic noise from the main road. At 4 o' clock the wind died down and the loud noise from the busy main road stopped. It became absolutely still. He looked up to see what was happening, and saw that the candles extinguished themselves one at a time, from left to right. At this point he was absolutely petrified and thought about running inside.

"Then something happened at that moment which I have never experienced either before or since. It was an amazing experience of peace which I had never experienced," Colm said. "The constant migraine which had been part of my life and the constant pain in my muscles from the seizures just disappeared."
He did not know it at that time, but at that moment he was completely healed of everything. The next day he received a text of Our Lady's message. She had prayed for the sick people present and for the intentions for the sick of those present.

As the day went on, Colm realized that the headache that had been his constant companion was no longer there and there were no more seizures. That day turned into months and the months into years. Now five years later, he is still completely healed to the "Glory of God."
This shy young man with a rosary wrapped around his arm has been traveling to many places to give his testimony of the marvelous healing he received through the intercession of Our Lady. He does not know what the Lord has in mind for him in the future, but he is open to the whisper of the Holy Spirit. He came to Louisiana to visit with the youth who had spent time with him in Medjugorje last summer.
They all lived in Nancy and Patrick Latta's house during their stay in Medjugorje. 


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