In an effort to emphasize taking personal action to defend against cancer in retirement years, the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) is highlighting the fact that many cancers can be delayed or prevented through regular physical activity and a plant-based diet, even later in life.
Says AICR Nutritionist Alice Bender, MS, RD, “You can’t control your age, but you can control your cancer risk.”
The opening session of AICR’s annual research conference will address some intriguing new studies including:
  • The latest findings from Michael Fenech, PhD, of CSIRO Food and Nutritional Sciences in Australia, on the effect of various nutrients on DNA stability and the prevention of DNA damage associated with both aging and cancer.
  • New findings from Trygve Tollefsbol, PhD, DO of the University of Alabama, showing that substances in broccoli and green tea inhibit the action of cancer cells in a specific way that’s closely related to the aging process.
  • New evidence from animal models presented by University of Texas aging expert Steven Austad, PhD, that, although preliminary, suggest calorie restriction (30 to 40 percent fewer calories without nutrient deficiencies) may play a role in helping cancer patients hasten recovery from surgery and lessen side effects of treatment.
The AICR’s “new” research findings, says Daniel Perry, President of the Alliance for Aging Research, show that older Americans have the ability to lower their cancer risk through simple lifestyle change.
Obviously, we at Hallelujah Acres consider it great news that the AICR is emphasizing diet (a plant-based diet at that!) as an effective self-protection measure against cancer. Let’s pray that people listen!
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