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Never Say Never, A Padre Pio Miracle by Susan Brinkmann

Never Say Never, A Padre Pio Miracle by Susan Brinkmann

 Paul Walsh was 17 years old when the car he was driving hit a tree on Chester Pike in suburban Piladelphia on an icy December night in 1983. One doctor described his head injuries as the equivalent of dropping an egg on a cement sidewalk. Not only was his skull shattered, every bone in his face was broken and there was a tear in his brain. Doctors at Crozier Chester Medical Center said he was irreversibly brain damaged and would never regain consciousness.  But as the old saying goes, “never say never.”

     On Saturday, May 14, 2005, Paul Walsh received a bachelors degree in liberal arts from Neumann College In Aston, PA. “I’d like to teach special ed,” said the 38-year-old graduate, who is employed as a full-time health care associate with Elwyn, Inc., a residential day program for the mentally disadvantaged. “I’d like to continue working with mentally disadvantaged persons.”
     Paul’s recovery from massive head injuries in 1984 was “unexplained, on a purely medical and scientific basis” said one of the physicians who treated him, Michael Ryan, M.D. In a written statement, Dr. Ryan said: “It is my feeling that without the help of the supernatural influence, Paul would today be dead or continue to be in a comatose state.”
     Although he recalls little of his four-month ordeal following the accident, his mother, Betty Walsh, remembers every detail, from the moment she got the phone call on the night of the accident. “The nurse told me to come to the hospital right away,” said the mother of ten from Ridley Park, PA.  “It was hard to even recognize Paul. His face was so swollen, like a pumpkin, and totally wrapped in bandages. It didn’t look very good but he did recognize my voice because he moved when he heard me.”
After ten hours of surgery the following day, during which Paul lost four and half times the amount of blood in his body, he was transferred to Crozier-Chester Medical Center where his condition remained critical.

     At first, he seemed to be improving and was even talking a little, but there was a suspicious fluid dripping out of his nose. Everyone thought he had a cold and a month went by before doctors discovered the fluid wasn’t from nasal congestion - it was spinal fluid. A cat scan revealed a tear in Paul’s brain.
     “That’s when they realized he was worse off than they thought,” Betty said. 

     Doctors tried to repair the tear but the inside of Paul’s head was too shattered. They resorted to draining the fluid with spinal taps and then a catheter, but Paul’s condition continued to deteriorate. He began slipping in and out of consciousness.
     Another cat scan revealed that he had hydrocephalus and the ventricles of his brain were filling with fluid. Doctors prepared him for emergency surgery to put a shunt in his head to drain the fluid when they discovered yet another serious complication - he had also developed spinal meningitis. “At this point, there was no hope,” Betty said. “The ventricles just kept filling with fluid and it flattened the frontal lobe of his brain which one doctor told me was his whole personality.”
     Even though Paul was alive, in essence, he was gone.“They kept saying ‘you have to stop hoping. . . the way he is now is the way he’s going to be. He is permanently and irreversibly brain-damaged.’” But Betty was not about to give up on her son. Even though she had nine other children at home, she felt like the woman in the Bible who had ten coins but lost one and could not stop searching until she found it.
     “We just decided Paul needed a miracle,” Betty said. “In the end, if Paul didn’t get better, I would accept it, but in the meantime, I was really going to believe I could have a miracle and I would at least pray with faith.”
     A woman from St. Madeline’s in Ridley Park, gave her five prayer cards for people who were in the process of beatification and needed a miracle. Every day after Mass, she and her mother would go to the hospital and pray the rosary over Paul, then say the five prayers. “Whenever I came to the Padre Pio prayer, Paul blessed himself, even though he was totally unconscious,” Betty said.
     Several people witnessed the phenomena, including a few nurses. Betty decided to call a local group of Padre Pio devotees and report what was happening. They decided to send someone to the hospital with one of the gloves worn by Padre Pio over the bloody stigmata wounds in his hands. On Monday, March 12, Paul was blessed with the relic and within days, one of his many serious ailments had miraculously vanished.
     Betty called the group again and on April 6, 1984, the glove was once again brought to Paul and laid on his head.  “I knew immediately something happened because it was like an electric shock went through him,” Betty said. “He opened his eyes and looked around the room, very clear-eyed. Then he fell back into the coma again but I just knew something had happened.”

     She was right. The next day, when she returned to the hospital she was shocked to find her son sitting in a chair and watching television. He turned and said “Hi Mom.”
     The nurse rushed in and told Betty: “He’s been talking all day!”  When she called the neurosurgeon to tell him Paul Walsh was talking, the doctor said, “It’s not possible’ and hung up on her.”
     But it was true. “They gave Paul another cat scan and all the doctor kept saying was, ‘I don’t believe this. I don’t’ believe this.’ The frontal lobe of his brain wasn’t smashed anymore.”
Even more inexplicable was what happened days later, on Easter Sunday morning, when Paul and his roommate woke up to find a man standing at the foot of Paul’s bed. Described as “an old priest in a brown robe,” Paul thought it was Betty’s brother, Charley, who bears a remarkable resemblance to Padre Pio.
     “I remember being very certain that my Uncle Charley had been in to visit me,” Paul said. “I did see him. He was very happy and smiled at me. And then he left the room.”
     Betty knew it couldn’t have been Charley because he lives in Boston. She folded up a picture of Padre Pio, hiding the name, and showed it to Paul. “That’s who visited me,” he said. “Isn’t that Uncle Charley?”
     Weeks later, Paul Walsh walked out of Crozier Chester Medical Center, completely healed.
     If there was any doubt in their minds that Padre Pio interceded in Paul’s healing, those doubts were put to rest a year after the accident when the family received an unexpected phone call from Bill Rose, who lived on the property where Paul hit the tree. Rose claimed he heard the crash the night of the accident and ran outside to find Paul laying on the ground with his face in a gutter. He knew the person was dying and while someone called for an ambulance, he held Paul’s head up out of the gutter and prayed for his soul.
     “Within three to five minutes of your son’s accident,” he told Betty, “I dedicated him to Padre Pio.”
     To this day, Paul admits he still wonders “why me?” But that doesn’t stop him from telling his story whenever he can. “I’m not doing this for myself,” Paul said. “I want to give other people hope.”
This story written by best-selling author Susan Brinkmann was one of the collection of survivor stories in Amazing Grace for Survivors

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True Religion Is An Interaction Between Heaven and Earth

True Religion Is An Interaction Between Heaven and Earth

It Is Not A Set Of

Meaningless Rituals and Fellowship!

One of the most disturbing things about the modern age is the fact that for many Christians religion has ceased to be religion. That is to say, it has ceased to be about a transaction between this world and the next and has denied the next world altogether.
Come Holy Spirit
Religion, if it is religion at all, is surely about man’s commerce with the supernatural realm. In this sense Paganism is a real religion. A priest sacrificing chickens or virgins to a monstrous deity in hope of supernatural protection and power is what I call religion. An animist, high on the fermented juice of the tropical tree, dancing around the campfire and cutting himself to satisfy the spirit of the river is a real religion. So is a Buddhist monk sitting in a snowdrift in his underpants humming his mantra and transcending the cold. For that matter, even the Mormon baptizing someone for the dead or a televangelist praying down the Holy Spirit fire to heal, mightily heal is practicing real religion. It may be a false or misguided religion, but at least it is religion.
All of this is in contrast to the milk and water that much of mainstream modern Christianity has become in most Western cultures. There is no religion there because the modernists no longer believe in the supernatural. Their religion is not a transaction with the other world for they do not believe any world but this one really exists, or if they do believe in the other world, they do not believe that is is possible to interact with it. Instead what was religion has been reduced to three things:
1. a meaningless ceremony;  2. a set of mild moral principles; and 3.  an inclination to make the world a better place. While these things may be laudable in their way, they are not essentially religious. They are the bland leftovers from what once was religion.
The ceremonies they practice are meaningless because they have denied their meaning. The modernist goes through all the ritual. He uses all the words, but he doesn’t believe the ritual matters, nor does he believe the meaning that the words carry for he has learned to ‘de-mytholigize’ and ‘re-interpret’ for a modern age. Subsequently the miracles of the gospel are explained away, the gospel of grace is turned into a gospel of good ideas and the sacrifice of the Mass is turned into the ‘fellowship meal of the people of God.’
The second part of this religion that is not a religion is the replacement of clear moral teaching with mild mannered morals. There is no longer a congruent and consistent set of beliefs which are divinely inspired, but there is one over-riding moral principle: “We must all be nice to one another.” There is not reason why this should be so, but we insist that it is so because without it we would have no religion at all. What they have done is replace religion with a set of table manners.
Finally, this religion which is no religion has eliminated dogma. That is to say, it has eliminated all but one dogma and that is,  “We can make a difference. Yes we can!” The followers of this false religion, having thrown out any idea of a transaction with the supernatural have replaced the idea of getting ready for the next world with the concept of making this world a happier place.This is simply the religion of good works.
What is paradoxical is that this ‘religion’ of meaningless ceremony, social courtesy and good works is practiced by the descendents of the Protestant reformers who inveighed against a religion that was no more than empty ceremonial, social standing and good works. They who were so opposed to a religion of works have turned their religion into nothing but good works. The only difference is, they don’t believe their good works will get them into heaven because they don’t believe there is such a place as heaven.
Unfortunately, this religion which is no religion, has influenced, invaded and infected much of modern Catholicism as well. Too many Catholics have also swallowed the idea that religion is essentially about being nice to one another and helping others. While this is certainly the fruit of true religion, it should not be confused with real religion itself.
Instead, full blooded Catholic religion engages in an interaction with the other world. Through the celebration of Word and Sacrament we believe that the once for all sacrifice of Christ on the cross is brought into the present moment and applied to the needs of human souls for their eternal salvation. This essentially religious act is the ladder between earth and sky. It is the linkage point between heaven and earth. God comes down as he always does, and transforms the human soul. Through this miracle in the heart of ordinary life the soul is opened to something called ‘grace’ which is God’s own power poured forth. This action of faith and love defeats the powers of darkness, brings Christ’s forgiveness and healing into the here and now and plants the seeds of hope that will transform the soul, transform the family, transform the church and transform and redeem the world.
This is real religion. Everything else that is great and good springs from this, and nothing–not even that which is great and good can ever replace it.

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Stage III colon cancer cured

Stage III colon cancer cured - survivor Chris Wark lives on to help others through his powerful testimony

Saturday, May 31, 2014 by: L.J. Devon, Staff Writer
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(NaturalNews) If the American Cancer Society was interested in bringing cancer cure protocols to the people who struggle the most, then they would invest their time and money into interviewing and broadcasting important testimony from cancer survivors like Chris Wark.

Chris Wark is a stage III colon cancer survivor, alive and kicking in 2014, ten years after being diagnosed, bringing real healing information to the light. Through hisdown-to-earth testimony, Wark reaches people right where they are and interviews others who have survived similar experiences.

American Cancer Society misleads many, while real answers remain in the shadows

Sadly, the American Cancer Society (ACS) fails to hear from people like Chris Wark; instead, the fundraising conglomerate props up the cancer industry's one-size-fits-all chemical approach to cancer management. Investing in and projecting barbaric cut-poison-burn approaches to cancer, groups like the ACS neglect real, integrative healing approaches that rally around energy production at the cellular level.

Sounding well intentioned, the ACS is really just misleading many, while siphoning the generous donations of caring people through fundraising campaigns. The funds ultimately get funneled into more pharmaceutical research that focuses on chemical toxicology treatments rather than immune system empowerment.

Cancer healing rallies around the production of ATP energy at the cellular level

Approaching cancer realistically involves rallying the immune system through the production of ATP energy at the cellular level. This journey is not a silver bullet approach. Chris, along with others interviewed on his site, detail a holistic journey to healing that minimizes stress and maximizes energy. This approach challenges individuals to be strong in mind and spirit and be willing to follow precise protocols in their daily life. These protocols may mean the complete elimination of refined sugars and sodium from daily eating habits.

When cancer is diagnosed, fear and panic can set in, especially when medical professionals pressure patients into undergoing chemo treatments. Many patients toss and turn with the decision, ultimately giving in to the philosophy. A holistic lifestyle change that targets an underlying cause of acidosis, fungus, heavy metal toxicity and cellular edema, is the only real way toward immune system empowerment and ultimately cancer healing. By utilizing nutrients, oxygen and fruit and vegetable sugars at the cellular level, ATP energy can be produced in the mitochondria of cells.

By neutralizing excess hydrogen in the body with alkaline-forming foods, OH-molecules can convert excess hydrogen to water, cleansing the cells and reducing edema, welcoming greater energy production.

Chris Wark's story brings hope to many

The body doesn't have to be irradiated, with hair falling out and weakness setting in. Cancer is not the end. The whole body does not have to be ravaged with chemicals in the fight against cancer.

When Chris was diagnosed at age 26, doctors told him that he was going to need nine to twelve months of chemotherapy following surgery.

For Chris, "the idea of poisoning my way back to health did not make sense."

While under pressure by medical professionals and family members, Chris and his wife prayed and looked for another way. That's when Chris received a book in the mail from a stranger in Alaska called God's way to Ultimate Health. The book was an answer to his prayers; Chris began reading and implementing new strategies toheal his body with whole foods.

Now, 10 years later, Chris speaks of his remarkable recovery and life change, which didn't require chemotherapy and radiation.

"Cancer is the body's brilliant attempt to save your life," said Wark.

Chris didn't waste any time and incorporated new habits. For example, he began to eat a giant salad every day that was full of cancer-fighting phytonutrients, which includes broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, kale, red cabbage, onions, garlic, turmeric, oregano, cayenne pepper and apple cider vinegar. In addition to eating changes, he got rid of chemicals in his everyday life.

"The other factor that is really hard to control is the toxins in our environment. There's 80,000 plus man-made chemicals in our environment, and it's tough to stay away from those," said Chris at a recent health event in Branson, MO. 

"That's why it is so important to feed your body raw nutrients, keeping your immune system strong, so that you can detoxify." He mentioned environmental pollutants like car exhaust, mercury and lead and other heavy metals.

"So the diet's important, cleaning up your household is very important, so we got rid of all the toxic chemicals in our house. The toxic hair care products, body care products, cleaning products, that's got to go."

Chris credits a lot of his recovery and energy production to his daily smoothie, which contains copious amounts of fruits, vegetables and superfoods like amalaki berry.

To learn more about Chris's testimony, and learn how cancer can be overcome naturally, visit

His site is doing what the American cancer society should be doing -- sharing practical knowledge and testimony used by naturopaths, chiropractors and survivors of terminal cancer.