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David Parkes is not just another Irish singer. He's a man with a purpose.
Thirteen years ago, David Parkes stared death in the face. The victim of severe Crohn's Disease, he had undergone ten major bowel operations and the medical team working on his case had made it clear there was nothing more they could do for him.
Born in Dublin, the son of a successful band leader and trumpet player, and himself the winner of the National Talent Contest, David Parkes was intent instead on becoming a professional soccer player. With a voice described by one critic as "too good to be confined to these shores", David prepared for a move to America.
Out of work for months, David not only faced a hopeless future, but severe financial problems. The huge respect he commanded in Irish show business was, providentially, the means by which today David Parkes is well and healthy. A benefit night was organized attended by all the big show band names. David briefly sang and it was expected to be his last public appearance. Weighing 110 lbs, in constant pain and suffering he prepared to die.
Not overly interested in religion an invitation was issued to David and his wife, Anne to visit Medjugorje where alleged apparitions of the Blessed Virgin were reportedly taking place. David agreed to go see the country where he had spent his honeymoon in, considering it his last vacation.
Whilst in Medjugorje David very reluctantly attended a healing Mass being conducted by the renowned healing Priest, Fr. Peter Rookey. Literally, having to be pushed forward to receive the blessing he found himself within three seconds lying on the ground. There he remained for 20 minutes, waking up to find Senator Donie Cassidy looking down upon him. Within two days of the blessings David Parkes had begun to feel much better with far less physical symptoms. On his return to Ireland he showed no further symptoms of Crohn's disease and 13 years later he continues to be free of this deadly disease.
In November 1992 David released his first album in the United States "Let Me Live". The recording of this beautiful pro-life song was the fulfilment of a promise he had made while in Medjugorje in gratitude to God for the great healing, which had occurred.
David has sung to audiences of up to 30,000 people live when Mother Teresa requested he sing for her historic visit to Knock and he has been a guest on "Songs of Praise" the weekly BBC programme with viewers of up to 88 million worldwide.
Today, David's story is known internationally. His ministry has taken him throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Southeast Asia. David has become one of the most sought after speakers, and in particular, Master of Ceremonies, for Marian Conferences and retreats throughout North America. David has made guest appearances on EWTN, and has sung on the BBC weekly series "Songs of Praise", which was seen by over 88 million viewers worldwide.
At the present time, David Parkes is working in Medjugorje as Pilgrimage Director for Marian Pilgrimages which is based in Dublin, Ireland. David has been in Medjugorje since the last week of March, with the exception of the month of May when he travelled to North America to honor previously booked engagements in Toronto, and at Notre Dame in Indiana.
His duties in Medjugorje are varied. He is responsible for all aspects of the pilgrimage experience, including the general well being of the pilgrims and overseeing the spiritual programme. The pilgrimage season runs until November.

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