Thursday, October 28, 2010


Fr. Jozo giving talk in Medjugorje, St. James church
on May 25, 1990 at 3:01 pm ,
 our video has USA time of 10:01 am

Saturday, August 28, 2010

SOURCE -My experience in Medjugorje

--by MELISA 2010

"To be able to give, you must have. Love to be true has to begin with God in prayer. If we pray, we will be able to love, and if we love, we will be able to serve."– Mother Teresa

The quest for God is what I was after all along...and yoga was a tool necessary to bring me along in that all important journey.

My time in Medjugorje was nothing short of miraculous in a very personal way, and extremely challenging spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. I can talk, blog, argue my point of view for the rest of my life, but what would be the point in doing that. There is something going on in Medjugorje for those who don't know and there is no resource that can give you an accurate picture of this very holy place on the Internet or even in the written word. There are several videos about Medjugorje, I would say the 20/20 piece on Medjugorje done in the 80's when it all started would be a good place to start to find out more information,
if you can find it.

I discovered in Medjugorje the courage to follow my heart in listening to the more beautiful and profound message of God and how God speaks to me. God speaks to different people in different ways and this is how Our Lady speaks to people in Medjugorje, in an inexplicable, deeply personal way! There are so many miracles I experienced myself and saw other people experience during my 3 month stay that would make absolutely no sense if I tried to express this in the written word. The message of Our Lady is to be lived, it is a message of conversion and that is what is happening to me even now, especially now that I am back home. The main message of Our Lady of Medjugorje for the past 29 years is simple but urgent call: Pray! This call from God to each and every person to pray is only heard and understood on a personal level if you are able to visit and experience Medjugorje yourself. There are no words to accurately describe the experience of Medjugorje!
The following is Our lady's latest message to the world on August 25th:
“Dear children! With great joy, also today, I desire to call you anew: pray, pray, pray. May this time be a time of personal prayer for you. During the day, find a place where you will pray joyfully in a recollected way. I love you and bless you all. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

I have a desire to be sincere in my prayer To God, and in my relationship with God, and it so personal and new that I want to keep praying until I find that connection with God that the saints have. This is the message Our Lady wants to deliver to each person, this desire to reach God at all costs because this relationship IS EVERYTHING!!!Here is a short video of some highlights from my visit, the music is from the St. James parish music ministry:

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