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Daniel Ange, a Charismatic
After completing a three-day prayer course in Split, the French Charismatic Daniel Ange came to Medjugorje accompanied by Fr. Josip
Marcelic. He stayed for one day only. We took the opportunity to speak with him. Although our readers know him as a great friend of Medjugorje, we asked him to tell us
something about himself: I am a child of God. I completed my novitiate with the Benedictines when I was 17 years old. I also spent 13 years in Rwanda as a missionary in a monastic community. When I returned from Rwanda, I completed my studies in Switzerland. I spent eight years as a recluse, an eremite, in the French Alps. After that, about 15 years ago, I started a school of prayer and evangelization. I have already been to 43 countries and opened schoors of prayer and evangelization.
How long does that school last, who enrolls in it and what does it consist of?The course lasts one year and young people, who take one year off work or study, take part in this program. Many stay for a second year, but that is always their decision.
You are now coming from Split?
Yes, l led a prayer course in Split that lasted three days. It was beautiful. It was especially beautiful and symbolic that the course was held on a territory that belongs to the army. I speak about the basic themes of Christian life and Gospel values, and I particularly emphasize the theme -saving life and protecting love. Those subjects I consider important, given that today it is precisely life that is jeopardized.
What exactly is it that jeopardizes life and love today that they need to be saved and protected?
Life is attacked from all sides. I claim that even the war that is going on now in your close proximity is nothing else but a visible expression of that awful war that is invisibly going on against the child in a mother's womb. The child has nothing to defend itself with. It is completely vulnerable. It is senseless to speak about a new world without violence and war, as all hopes and desires for peace remain unattainable for as long as this primary war against life lasts and this awful violence and injustice is inflicted on the unborn life. All human rights crumble when they deny the right to life to the unborn child. The Church is the only place left in which life is defended unconditionally. The right to abort in the west is nothing more than self-destruction; in other words, it is a battle between Lucifer, the murderer of humans, and God who creates life.
We are nearing the year 2000. That is the celebration of the incarnation. Satan has just become furious and enraged against life. The century that has been the bloodiest of all up to now is coming to an end. Satan has risen so ferociously against life, because the celebration of the incarnation is nearing, when God Himself became man and took on life as a human being with the same conditions of life. This is Satan's revenge because he could not kill Jesus in Bethlehem.
That means that Satan has his supporters?
Of course. The entire culture today is rightfully called the culture of death. There is, therefore, a general cooperation in the destruction of life. After approving abortion, comes the acceptance of euthanasia, the legal killing of the old and the sick. It can be sensed everywhere that life is completely despised, and thus the value of life is measured by an economic calculation; that means: is it worth the price to live or not? That is the new totalitarian way. There are more and more people, who are destroying their own lives, there are more and more young people, who do not wish to live, who have no joy in their lives because, in their mind, there is the conviction that life makes no sense. There are more and more children born after abortions. Therefore, they were conceived where death slaughtered life. It is probable that the fact that a life was extinguished earlier leaves consequences on those who are born. Children are born wounded. The woman is wounded. Mary comes to heal all those wounds.
You call every war a visible effect of an internal war against life?
As a child, I personally experienced war in France. I was in Lebanon, in Rwanda, and I see what is now happening in your country. I think that it is important to constantly emphasize the immortality of man and that death does not have the final word. For us, death means entering into eternal life and we are immortal. Even our body will once be glorified like the body of Mary. The Assumption of Mary is a very important message. It tells us about the confirmation of life and its victory over death. I like the Croatian people. In Split, I have experienced it again, and I am convinced that you Croatians are a devout people. Traveling all over the world, I have seen how many young people who came to Medjugorje were deeply touched by the faith of your people. As a people, you have suffered a lot, but you have remained loyal to the Church. All the wars and all the persecutions have made you stronger in your faith. Faith will save you. You will be healed by the faith.
In this world full of violence, wars, injustices, abortions and euthanasia, do you see signs of hope?
Absolutely. I meet people everywhere, especially young people, who get up and defend life, who discover the value of life and fight against abortions, who do not accept euthanasia, injustice and wars. Today's pope has become a great fighter for life.  I have met many Orthodox priests, Jewish teachers and Muslim leaders, who have said that they completely accept and support the pope's efforts to save life even though they are not Catholic, because he defends mankind from mankind.
This is your third visit to Medjugorje, but this time you are here very briefly?
I regret that I cannot come here more often. I follow everything that is happening. I have met people everywhere, who have received great graces and who have changed their lives.
We heard that you spoke about Medjugorje in Split and that you do so wherever you go?
That is true. This is Bethlehem for our generation. This is a place where many are truly born again. Many come here imperiled and wounded, and Mary is the Mother of Life. She gave birth to God. Many young people come here as orphans, and Mary is proclaimed as the Mother who bestows saintly life, life according to the Holy Spirit. This is a prophetical call. I know Kibeho in Rwanda very well. I was a member of the theological committee. In Rwanda also, there was a terrible war as you had here. These wars happened in places where Mary appeared and called for peace like the slaughter of innocent children in Bethlehem. Satan comes to kill where the Mother of Life is doing Her work. Therefore, Mary is here also as a nurse for our wounded generation. Jesus is the healer and Mary is the one who gives the medicine and tends to the wounds of the soul. That is especially evident here in confession. I call confession the godly surgery, and Mary is the one who gently leads us and prepares us for the procedure. Besides that, Mary visits our world and, in this way, She prepares the path for the Lord who comes and prepares many who do the same thing. I think that young people, who -after a pilgrimage to Medjugorje -dedicate one year to our school of prayer and evangelism, then become predecessors of the Lord like John the Baptist. They are getting ready to protect love.  Where love is not protected, life loses its meaning. We now need to do everything to accept this actualization, , the secret of God, who has taken our body upon Himself. The year 2000 is, in fact, the actualization of the incarnation, and not only some memory. The celebration that we are preparing for is like liturgy, like a Mass. What happened on Holy Thursday and Good Friday is renewed during the Mass in a real way. The same happens in the celebration of the year 2000, the celebration of the incarnation. What happened in the arms of Mary and with the , strength of the Holy Spirit will be repeated in our time.
In your seminars, you pray mostly for the healing of innerwounds?
Yes, we are all very wounded by the various events in our  lives, especially during childhood, youth, growing up and during  the war, as now. The Lord Himself wants to heal those wounds, our hearts and our agonies. He wants us to reconcile and to  forgive, even in the situations that are difficult.  And, at the end, we can say the healing prayer, which Daniel Ange intended for the listeners of the Catholic Radio during his stay in Split, which was transmitted by the radio station Mir in Medjugorje: Lord Jesus, I entrust to You all who listen to this radio. You know the heart of each one of them. Please, extend Your healing hand over everyone and heal every inner wound of each person,every pain and every agony. Give them love and the intervention of Mother Mary and spill the Holy Spirit on all. Heal their every tension, their every fear and give them assurance and immortality; eternal life and resurrection in the Heavenly Kingdom. Let them be assured that Your Mother; the Queen of Heaven, loves the Croatian people. Amen.

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