Thursday, September 30, 2010

Medjugorje -- Open your eyes

There is always the issue of spiritual blindness and you know how it is: no matter how many times you try to make others see the spiritual possibility of something, or a sign, or a manifestation (or heed your warning), they are closed. They can't see it. Often, they won't see it. They refuse. They will be surprised some day.
The Bible speaks about this when it mentions "scales" falling off Paul's eyes after his conversion:
"And immediately there fell from his eyes something like scales, and he regained his sight, and he got up and was baptized" (Acts 9:18). He had been in darkness for three days, as perhaps some day an event will come that will cause many on earth finally to see after darkness.
Another translation is "veil" instead of scales: spiritual blindness is like a curtain in front of our vision. In the figurative sense, the word "scales" can also mean a coat of mail (1 Samuel 17:5,38). We speak of "scales falling from one's eyes" when we mean a sudden illumination or remembrance or a dissipation of harassing doubt.
For it is the devil who blinds us.
It is the pretentious who heed this not.
How many do you know who can't see into the spiritual backstage no matter how much you try to explain? How many do you know who don't really believe that the devil exists, or that Mary appeared at a place like Lourdes (or Fatima)?
No matter what transpires, they insist on a physical explanation. They have closed their eyes. They are blocked. Prayer need here! 

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