Saturday, September 28, 2013

GOD, The Catholic Church and Our Lady HAS ALWAYS WELCOMED SINNERS Back to Church but only the Repentant Sinner can accept or ask for Forgiveness.


 The Pope said what he said. There's no reason to spin it. Clearly, he was stating, as did Jesus, to the Pharisees, that "he without sin should cast the first stone," and in his remarks on abortion, homosexuality, and contraception, was warning that too often we focus on the letter of the law while violating its spirit (which is love). We become harsh. We become, he said, obsessive. It is easy to see why: these are sins that are upsetting. The behaviors of homosexuality have not and can not be accepted by the Church; to review the actual practices in this realm is chilling. But we all transgress in different ways and homosexuals as well as those who have fallen into the horrid trap of abortion should be welcomed and won over, instructed on the Gospel. The Church was founded, the Pope reminded us, as a place to heal transgressors. “It is useless to ask a seriously injured person if he has high cholesterol and about the level of his blood sugars," Francis said. "You have to heal his wounds. Then we can talk about everything else.” To constantly declare a sin without extending a healing hand has proven ineffective. Christ stated that sinners were the reason He came into the world and He mingled with them (Matthew 9: 10-13), which many did not like. Francis said we must find a "new balance." Let us wait and see what else this startling Pope says. No one can deny the tremendous gravity of killing a baby, nor what the Bible itself says about the sin of sodomy. Some go so far as to fret about an "anti-pope," or prophecies of two popes in last times. Is it that, or simply opening the arms of the Church to a poor world? We will watch and listen. It is interesting to note that while the Blessed Mother indicates the seriousness of abortion, this sin has never been specifically mentioned in formal messages at sanctioned sites such as Fatima, Kibeho, and Betania, where sinners find comfort and are converted and so often repent en route to deliverance. At the remarkable Church-approved site of Laus in France, the Blessed Mother came to create a place -- specifically for sinners -- of reconciliation and refuge, and reportedly indicated the sins of immorality, abortion, "unjust wealth" (another theme of Francis's) and the "perverse." She is firm, but welcoming. It is how Mary seems to work, too, at Medjugorje, where none of the official monthly messages since 1984 specifically mentions abortion and yet where seers have spoken loudly about both that and homosexual marriage and where we recall the account of a lawyer whose girlfriend or wife had an abortion and who confessed it at the apparition site and then if we recall correctly went to a back pew of the church to say his penance when a mysterious woman suddenly stood next to him holding a newborn, which she allegedly handed to him; he stroked the infant; he could feel the child's flesh and hair and warmth. He was told to name the baby, which he did, before the Woman took the baby back into her arms and disappeared, allegedly, when he looked away, leaving him no doubt about the nature of his sin and also no doubt about how God forgives.

INSTRUCTING the Uniformed,
COUNSELLING the Doubtful,
are three of the ‘Spiritual Works of Mercy’.
We must never teach error.
Everyone who participates in media blogging must read the “Catechism of the Catholic Church, Second Edition” for accuracy in teaching the Faith.

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