Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dear “Leaders”: What About Crimes Against Conscience In Our Own Country?

Stop Perpetuating The Genocide In Our Own Country!

By Fr. Brian  Sistare - We are a very critical point in our nation’s history.  It seems like we are on the verge of going to war with Syria.  The evidence seems to be clear, that over 1000 people were killed in Syria by chemical warfare, and by their own president.  How should the United States react to what happened?  Should we go to war with Syria over what happened in their country?  I do not know if there is a clear answer to these questions, but I do know that every American should turn to prayer at this critical moment.  
Hopefully, war can be avoided.  Let us pray for the “leader” of our country to make the right decision, and that he consults with his own congress before making this decision that will affect so many.  What I would like to point out in the midst of this difficult moment is the sheer hypocrisy of our government “leaders”.  The Secretary of State John Kerry said that what President Assad did was a “crime against conscience, and a “crime against humanity”.  Obama also spoke of the heinous crimes that were done to the Syrian people by their own president, mentioning that children were killed. He said that “we can not accept a world in which people are gassed on a terrible scale”, and that “we don’t want the world to be paralyzed”.  It is hard to take both of these men seriously in what they say because of their full on support for the death of innocent children in the womb through abortion.  Both of these men not only support the right to kill innocent children in the wombs of their mothers, but also advocate this “crime against conscience” and “crime against humanity”.  The little, innocent victims of abortion are even being killed “chemically” by such Contraceptives/abortificients such as the morning after pill, the IUD, the NuvaRing, and even high dosages of the birth control pill.  ”Chemical warfare” against our own people has been happening for over 40 years now, and the current “leader” of our country has no problem with it, even adding insult to injury by asking God to bless one of the major suppliers of these chemicals used in the warfare against the innocent, in the organization known as Planned Parenthood.  
My brothers and sisters, let us pray for our nation and its leaders.  Let us pray that we don’t need to go to war, that the peace of Christ reign in the hearts of all leaders throughout the world, and that we as a nation stop the genocide that is going on in our own country.  God bless!

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