Friday, July 30, 2010

Paddy Kelly Conversion story through Our Lady of Medjugorje

World famous rock star gives life to Jesus. Led there by the hand of the Queen of Peace the Blessed Virgin Mary. Amazing conversion video at the end

In 1994 his album “Over the Hump sold more than 4.5 million copies throughout Europe. In Germany it is the biggest selling album of all time. Bigger than the Beatles.

The group has sold over 50 million records worldwide.

At twenty years old he was a teenage sensation, a huge rock star and lived in a 17th century castle in Europe He had all the riches, fame, fortune and the adulation of millions. His name is Paddy Kelly.

He and his group the Kelly Family sold out the huge Westtaleanhalle in Dortmund Germany nine times in a row. A feat no other musician has since accomplished. They filled football stadiums, some shows with over 250,000 .

He was born in Ireland to American parents. He was the star of the incredible singing group “The Kelly Family” He has eleven brothers and sisters and most sing in the band. They started out singing in the streets of Europe but quickly their incredible singing talents took them to the top. Paddy Kelly became a huge idol with adoring female fans. He needed body guards in public. He was hounded by paparazzi where ever he went and traveled by private jet and helicopters. He was recognized everywhere he went. He had it all... this amazing young man had everything, but despite the fame and money he began to feel empty, isolated..

He felt lost... He felt his soul was dying. He had lost his mother when he was five years old but toured the world with his family that gave him love and support.  rest of story, click below.

latest update Jan. 2011
By  January 11, 2011
After 6 years as a monk in the Community of St John, Paddy Kelly left the consecrated life in the monastery. At the end of his vows, he decided, in consultation with leaders of his order that it would be better to spend more time making music.
Here are a few words of Paddy:
"The last 6 years were the most extraordinary time of my life I'm so thankful to God, Father Marie Dominique Philippe, and my brothers of the Community of St. John for this profound encounter with Jesus and experience His love of St. John wrote..: "God is love" (1 Jn 4:8) and that's what I've seen in this precious time I have received so many graces the words of Mary, I can say is. "The Almighty has great things done for me, holy is his name! " (LK 1:49). "I am happy that he has brought me so far and I am on my way forward with Him."
Paddy Kelly entered the novice home in France in 2004, eight months later, the habit (religious dress) and received the religious name of Brother John Paul Mary. It followed the completion of his vows, he studied philosophy four years and accomplished the first year of theology and apostolic activities provided through his music and his testimony throughout Europe. He now writes in the final throes of the "new music" that he had already started composing as a monk and is working on some projects that he intends to implement in the near future.

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