Saturday, July 3, 2010

Medjugorje: Encounter with the Queen of Peace

Medjugorje is without doubt the most influential apparition of the twentieth century after Fatima. The parish records of St. James Catholic Church in Medjugorje show that over fifty thousand priests and religious—among them hundreds of bishops and cardinals—have come to Medjugorje, inspired by the presence of the Virgin. Second, other than Guadalupe, no other Marian apparition in history has been the direct cause of as many conversions as Medjugorje. Guadalupe brought about the conversion of eight million Aztecs. Medjugorje has now attracted over thirty million pilgrims, the vast majority of whom have had their lives transformed or touched by their encounter with the Queen of Peace (not to speak of the tens of millions of others who have never visited Medjugorje but have been third-party recipients of the graces mediated by the Virgin).

The significance of these two facts will be evident to anyone who has studied the Church's time-tested canons for the discernment of supernatural phenomena. The Church's great doctors of the spiritual and the mystical life have said for centuries that an authentic supernatural revelation will bear two marks: it will attract the religious and it will cause conversions. Satan posing as an angel of light can bring about many extraordinary signs and wonders, but the one thing he cannot and will not do is bring about a conversion.
Judged by these two criteria of an authentic supernatural revelation, Medjugorje has no parallel in Christian history beyond Guadalupe: it has attracted tens of thousands of priests and religious and it has caused hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of conversions (along with unprecedented levels of reception of the sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist).

These two facts about Medjugorje no one can dispute since they have been so publicly chronicled. It is also to be noted that there are over a thousand documented cures attributed to Medjugorje. article continues...

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