Sunday, April 27, 2014

Miracles Attributed to Popes John Xlll and John Paul ll Intercession

Healed Woman, Witness Recount Miracles Leading to Sunday's Canonizations
Sunrise, Jupiter Island, Fl.-- April 27, 2014

Popes John XXIII and John Paul II Recognized as Intercessors
By Deborah Castellano Lubov
VATICAN CITY, April 24, 2014 ( - The subject of a miracle attributed to the intercession of Blessed John Paul II, and the witness of a miracle attributed to the intercession of John XXIII, gave their testimonies today at the Vatican.
Daughter of Charity Sister Adele Labianca, director of the Umberto I di Fasano Hospital in Brindisi in Southern Italy, cared for the beneficiary of a miracle attributed to John XXIII.
Sister Caterina Capitani was sick from stomach cancer in 1966.
After numerous hospitalizations and surgeries, Sister Capitini knew she was dying, said her fellow sister from Napoli. Her situation worsened daily, yet the sisters persisted in their prayer.
Inexplicably her condition suddenly disappeared.
She described how Sister Capitini described a miraculous encounter: One night, she saw John XXII in her room. Originally scared and in disbelief, she soon felt peace. She realized he was there to heal her, responding to the prayers of her and her sisters. She was alone in the room, felt his hand over her, saw him smiling and heard him say: "I heard many prayers from the sisters, especially from one in particular."
She said her fellow sister’s response was, “'I must admit I am that sister.'” He responded, “‘'You are ok and have nothing more to worry about.''”
“Nothing could stop her enthusiasm,” her fellow sister reflected. Her face was “transfigured" and she had a lifelong devotion to John XIII, visiting his tomb hundreds of times.
She left a legacy of abandonment of God to the Sisters of Charity and to God’s people.
John Paul II:
Floribeth Mora Díaz experienced a miracle attributed to the intercession of John Paul II.
She was diagnosed with terminal cancer and the doctors gave her one month to live.
She was watching John Paul II"s beatification at 2AM Costa Rica time and said during that ceremony, she felt "moved" as she saw the reliquary containing John Paul II's relic.
"Following that ceremony, several hours later," she added, "I woke and I felt a deep sense of hope and healing. I walked and saw a magazine with a picture of John Paul II, with his arms opened wide and heard his voice say to me ‘Get up and do not be afraid.'”
“Little by little I noticed something had changed in me.”
At that moment, she felt better, she was able to get out of bed, after having been bedridden for some time.
That’s when she walked into the kitchen, saw her husband, and told him what happened.
The doctors said it was a miracle, attributing it to "John Paul II's intercession," she said.

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