Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Father Richard Perozich: Phil Robertson’s Comments Were Accurate

Father Richard Perozich: Phil Robertson’s Comments Were Accurate

Homosexual Behavior Separates The Person From God!

Many people are familiar with the recent Duck Dynasty controversy – more specifically, what happened when the popular A&E show’s patriarch, Phil Robertson, made some politically incorrect (and admittedly coarse) remarks regarding homosexuality in a magazine interview. The gay activist groups had their proverbial hissy fit, and A&E announced that Robertson would be suspended from the show.
Well, a backlash ensued, and – lo and behold – A&E has reversed its decision to suspend Robertson. Basically, the whole thing has been poorly handled by the network.
I asked Father Richard Perozich, a priest of the Diocese of San Diego who has worked with those who struggle with same-sex attraction, to comment on the Duck Dynasty controversy.
Father responded:
“Phil Robertson’s biblical comments are accurate. In the spiritual realm, homosexual behavior continues to separate the person from God, Who always receives us back when we repent of our sins.
“People need to stop being homo-hysterical when this behavior is criticized. Biologically, it never has been proper to human creation. Psychologically, it shows compensatory behavior to try to attain masculinity or femininity or an attempt to belong to one’s own gender through sexual activity, which it can never accomplish. Behaviorally, one can only attain sexual integration when one abandons this type of behavior and expresses sexuality in a married relationship between one man and one woman.”
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