Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sky View: The Greatest Class

Sky View: The Greatest Class
The Saints of the Catholic Church are a diverse class of people who lived in different eras and are from different cultures. They are composed of men, women and children who possessed a wide variety of personalities; some were extraverted while others were introverted; some were known as being humorous and yet others were serious. Their stations in life ranged from that of royalty to peasantry, from the heights of the papacy to the disgrace of the excommunicated, from the rich to the very poor, from the intellectually gifted to those who suffered from learning disabilities and from those who lived a long life to those who were called to martyrdom at a young age. 

Yet, given this diverse array of personality traits, status and background, they were still of the same mind and heart. After all, they all shared one thing in common with Jesus Christ: the Holy Spirit. It was this same Spirit that breathed into each Saint a real ambition for God’s honor, a strong desire for heaven, and a similar, if not, the same disposition towards virtue and vice. Remarkably, they were all uncompromising on the essentials- the things that really mattered -and indifferent towards the trivial and marginal circumstances of the day. 

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