Thursday, January 19, 2012

Teresa Fama's Medjugorje Testimony - 1987


Little did I know that my trip with St. Aidan’s group would be life-transforming, not only for my husband,
Augie, but for me as well.
When our group arrived in Yugoslavia in 1987, we were delayed by authorities, which was quite upsetting. Sr. Marci kept us peaceful and was determined nothing was going to take away from our visit. In 1987, there were no hotels, motels or restaurants in the area. We shared a home with nine people, with only one bathroom. Nothing could take away from the mission we had so looked forward to.
The week we spent away was phenomenal! The church was crowded with people at the 6:00 pm Mass, where the Blessed Mother would appear to the visionaries. Flashing lights would signal her arrival and again when she left. I kept praying for some proof to bring back home to those who did not believe in the daily appearance of the Blessed Virgin Mary. My prayers were answered when I looked up at the choir loft and saw her image, from floor to ceiling, in pale pink. I was astounded. I asked the Lord, “Is this Your mother?” She took a step closer and be- came a deeper, brighter pink. My friend, Lynn, who was standing with me also saw her. We were so stunned, we started crying. It was incredible!
The visionaries told us when the Blessed Mother would be appearing to them on Mt. Podbrdo, which would be an evening event. The weather was rainy on that particular night, but, as we climbed the small mountain, we all sang, “Ave Ave, Ave Maria.” It was a struggle to keep from falling on the wet, muddy and slippery rocks, while carrying umbrellas and flashlights. When we reached the top, we were disappointed to find that the Blessed Mother had already spoken to the visionaries with Baby Jesus in her arms on a huge rock, and then she left. Standing by the rock, we felt it was so sacred! While on the mountain, I offered my umbrella to a woman who was there for hours. She looked up at me and said, “I’m not getting wet.” Also, the candles were still burning during this very wet night. It was such a humbling experience.
The next day, the visionaries showed us the rock the Blessed Mother stood on. Her message was ... Peace, peace, peace ... only achieved through personal and universal repentance, prayer and fasting, plus a deeply-rooted faith. This will lead to true peace in oneself, as well as peace in the world.
The peace we felt all week was amazing. I lost ten pounds that week. Food did not interest me. That alone was a little miracle. We witnessed the miracle of the sun. It was pulsating like a beating heart, coming down toward us and then returning to the sky again. 
The people we saw included a blind man climbing Krizevac barefooted. I kept thinking, “What must heaven be like,” when this awesome feeling of the presence of Jesus and His beloved mother is so great here in this rural village.
The day we were to fly home, I felt that I had to go back to Mr. Podbrdo to touch the “rock” the Blessed Mother had stood on. I had this uneasy feeing. My friends tried to talk me out of going back. They were petrified that I would miss the bus taking us to the airport. I prayed that I could do it all in time, running up the hill, never falling. When I got to the very huge “rock,” I noticed a piece of rock on the ground. I picked it up and molded it into the “rock” like a puzzle peace. This I took with me when I left the mountain. I did get back in time to go to Mass. My intention was to break the stone into small pieces and give them to my fellow travelers, but they had other thoughts. 
They told me that the stone was my reward for going back, plus it had the letter T etched all over it. My name is Teresa.
On the plane home to New York, I was deep in thoughts of the supernatural events that had occurred in Medjugorje. I felt very close to Jesus and His beloved mother, looking out the window and thinking that just above the clouds is heaven! Then a very strange thing happened: I kept hearing a voice saying, “Take him to the doctor, take him to the doctor.”
My husband, Augie, was only 60 years old at the time. He seemed to be in good health. He never smoked, drank or ever complained of pain. Why would he need to go to a doctor? I could not let this go. He made an appointment to see a cardiologist who could not understand why we were insisting on a test to check his heart. During the test, it was found that Augie had five blocked arteries in his heart. The cardiologist would not let him get out of bed and performed surgery the next day. The doctor was astonished and told us that my husband could have had a fatal heart attack if the surgery was not performed immediately. That was 24 years ago. Augie is now 85, we are retired, live in Florida, enjoying the extra years the Blessed Mother gave us.
I share my story with you now because I experienced the heavenly intercession of our Blessed Mother. She is only interested in bringing the faithful back to her Son. Her blessing remains alive not only within my heart, but with all who feel her love. The urgent message is to reconcile with Jesus Christ and bring peace to a dangerously troubled world. God bless you.

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