Friday, October 21, 2011

Blessed Mother statue being smashed in Rome riots Oct. 2011


Photo: Occupy Rome Desecrates Statue of Our Lady

Posted by Taylor Marshall--October 16,2011

At the recent economic "occupy" demonstration in Rome, the protesters decided to take their anger out on...our Blessed Mother! What? This is Satanic. 

Did the Virgin Mary take away their jobs? Did the Immaculate Mother ruin the Euro? Did the sweet Mother of Christ endorse the rotten assets of Euro-nation banks? No.

More and more, these rallies are revealing themselves as Marxist, and consequently, anti-Christ. Young people have tons of college school loans and no prospects. They're angry and their anger will rest first with "rich people" then to "government" then to "foreign governments" and then to "religion" and then to "God." By the looks of the photo above, Rome is ahead of the curve.

Remember what Our Lady of Fatima said to Blessed Lucia. We should attend Holy Mass, confess, pray the Rosary and meditate for 15 minutes on the Rosary every first Saturday for at least 5 first Saturdays.

When Lucia asked, "Why five first Saturdays?" our Immaculate Lady answered, "In reparation for the five offenses against her that most grieve the Sacred Heart of Jesus:
1) those that deny her as the Mother of God
2) those that deny her as the Immaculate Conception
3) those that deny her perpetual virginity
4) those that teach children to irreverence her
5) those that smash or desecrate images of her
So here we have the last offense in full view. Let us pray earnestly, and let us make reparation to the divine justice of Christ before His hand of judgment falls up on us.

Let us pray in particular for those that did this, and for those that just walked by, even taking photos of the tragedy.

Kyrie eleison (forty-fold)

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