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"Mir" Center in Medjugorje keeps records of "Healings" - Man cured of Cancer but one example

 By Ivo Scepanovic Author of "Medjugorje - 30 years of a phenomenon" for
January 10, 2011
 Stories of miraculous healings from Medjugorje are definitely one of the most mysterious happenings in the past thirty years parallel to the claims of the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Over 600 cases of healings have been recorded.  The Holy See observes with caution but the documentation only increases the observer’s curiosity of the Medjugorian happenings.
Actually, nobody really talks about or announces the healings in Medjugorje, but the belief that they occur stemmed from the apparitions, blessings, prayers, trips to Apparition Hill or on the high hilltop of Cross Hill some five hundred meters away.
Recorded cases of the healings of people from all over the world are kept in the Information center “Mir” run by the Franciscans of the St. James parish in Medjugorje along with all the given documentation which is then forwarded to medical and theological examiners.
Among the most impressive cases is of an Italian woman, Diana Basile, from Platizza near Cosenze. She was a nurse employed in Milan who suffered from multiple sclerosis for fourteen years.  Doctors couldn’t help her at all, so she decided to visit Medjugorje in May of 1984 and pray from any improvement to her severe medical condition. Until then, she wasn’t able to walk on her own or kneel, but during her stay in Medjugorje on May 23rd, she simply exclaimed “I am healed!” after praying with the visionaries at the moment of an apparent apparition.
 “When the visionaries kneeled, there was a great silence and I felt I had the strength to kneel,” said Diana Basile.
The very next day she hiked up an incredible 12 km from the Ljubuški hotel, where she was staying, to the shrine in Medjugorje. After that, she climbed the Apparition Hill all by herself.
Of course, this case surprised her doctors in Milan and soon afterward a special team of 25 experts was set up to determine if she was totally recovered without the help of pills.  In Medjugorje, there are 143 similar documents of healings that can’t be medically explained.
Among the hundreds of cases, one that definitely stands out is of Arthur Boyle, an American from Hingham near Boston.  He was diagnosed with kidney cancer which spread to his lungs. Doctors sadly predicted a speedy death.
He arrived home in America convinced that he was healed.
“God healed me. I am healed in my heart. I am spiritually healed. All that was rotten and unhealthy in me, I got rid of in confession in Medjugorje.” he repeated.

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  1. I am sure there are countless spiritual healings that remain unrecorded! I am still amazed at the droves of people lined up,going to confession there at St.James. If only it were the same thing here in our parish on Saturdays. Medjugorje is forever stamped on my heart...A little place of heaven on this earth<3

  2. Having had the privilege of visiting sacred Medjugorje a few years ago, I can attest that the powerful energy was transforming. My sister and I went with a group over Easter and were so blessed to see the spinning sun. When we returned both of us had a hard time adapting to our surroundings for our bodies were so full of light and pure love. Miracles come in many forms.