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Who is Susan Tassone? In an article by Larry and Mary Sue Eck of Medjugorje Magazine, Susan is called, "the Champion of the Holy Souls." Medjugorje Magazine states that when Susan starts to talk about the souls in Purgatory, she doesn't take a breath; and after 10 minutes you realize that she has the energy of ten locomotives. Shortly before his death, Father Stephen Barham chuckling said of her, "Susan Tassone wears you out talking about the Holy Souls, but you keep coming back for more. Her excitement is contagious."

Three months after returning from her first pilgrimage to Medjugorje Susan founded "The Holy Souls Mass Apostolate" in 1993. Excited by the idea of having Masses said for the holy souls in purgatory, Susan started collecting money. Hundreds of thousands of dollars later, missionaries have greatly benefited by the money raised through Mass stipends.

Cardinal Francis George of Chicago invited Susan to review the success of her "Holy Souls Mass Apostolate." On All Souls Day 1998, she delivered the opening address preceding the Cardinal's Mass.

Cardinal George wrote his own recommendation printed on the back of Susan's highly successful book, "Way of the Cross for the Holy Souls in Purgatory." Cardinal George writes, '…What better way to pray for the departed than by meditation on the final hours of the earthly life of Jesus. The Way of the Holy Cross for the Holy Souls in Purgatory is a beautiful guide for this important devotion.'

In April of 1999, Pope John Paul II gave his Apostolic Blessing to Susan's "Holy Souls Mass Apostolate." Susan has had two private audiences with John Paul II. In one audience Pope John Paul II held up Susan's book and loudly exclaimed, "Very good!"

Susan has a strong devotion for Our Lady since age seven. Many of her friends had visited Medjugorje and Susan wanted to go too. She says her reason for going is, "Our Lady is my best friend and when you hear your best friend is in town, you visit her!" However, Susan was uncertain if she could make such a long journey due to a previous auto accident. While crossing a road in Chicago, Susan was hit by a taxi causing severe nerve and leg damage; so she decided to consult her doctor before going to Medjugorje. He agreed to let her go.

In Medjugorje the chain on her rosary turned a golden color. She witnessed a brilliant light like the Star of David. In a blue aura she saw the outline of Our Lady. Despite the blessings she received in Medjugorje her leg swelled to twice its size.

During her second pilgrimage with a group from the Chicago Marian Center, Susan knew this time, climbing the mountain was out of the question. However, a small boy on the pilgrimage begged Susan to go up the mountain till she finally agreed. The climb and descent was easier than she expected, feeling quite light in step.

Susan noticed the visible damage on her leg was gone after having returned home to Chicago. She called her doctor and he immediately requested that she come to his office. Upon examination he walked out of the room and then walked back in saying, "Dear, this is a miracle. You're blessed. If any doctor saw your leg now he'd never believe what happened to you." Susan asked if the Doctor would put this in writing. "Let's wait," he said. Three years later Susan Tassone took that letter to Medjugorje. Susan tells me, Father Slavko interviewed her for GLAS MIR Magazine. It was one of the last interviews Father Slavko did before his death. Her healing is officially recorded in their documents. Father Philip Pavich (former Medjugorje priest now back in the U.S.) told her, "You were given an extension to your life and there is a mission for you."

As the Webmaster of Medjugorje USA I offer my comment: After having spent some time over the past few months talking with Susan Tassone and having viewed her two videotapes, "The Holy Souls" and "Susan Tassone Live For The Holy Souls," there is no question she is an Apostle for "Holy Souls in Purgatory." This is undoubtedly her "mission" to which Father Philip Pavich stated, "You have been given an extension to your life." Her damaged leg, which was of little use, has been replaced by a new extension, which grows stronger every day in the name of "The Holy Souls in Purgatory."

Susan recently told me, "Remember the words of the holy souls: "May those be blessed may those be rewarded who relieve us of these pains." When Susan first contacted me having visited the website, she was happy to see the Medjugorje USA Prayer Oblation Warriors (POW) Prayer Group. She has told me several times that each member will be rewarded by the holy souls in purgatory whom we pray for. As of August 2001, there are 79 members. I hope more of you will join the POW prayer group and offer a few minutes each day for the holy souls in purgatory.
A link will be provided at the bottom of this page for those who would like to visit or join the Medjugorje USA POW Prayer Group.

The Interview with Susan Tassone

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